2 thoughts on “Meet Mrs. Murder!”

  1. The other day as I was walking across my lawn with my face buried in the daily newspaper while take puffs of St. Bruno from my favorite pipe, I was completely lost in thought and, I am ashamed to admit, not watching where I was going. Suddenly the faithful Mexican gardener that I employ started running towards me and shouting (and his name is Alberto): “Dee rake! Dee rake! Dee rake is in your path, Senor! Cuidado, Senor!”

    Alas! it was a warning heeded too late. I stepped on “dee rake” and its long handle shot up into my face, splitting the paper in two and sending St. Bruno bits flying.

    “Senor, I’m sorry,” lamented Alberto. “I tried to warn you. I did not do this. It was dee rake.”

    “Yes, yes,” I replied. “I know, Alberto, dee rake did this.”

  2. Yes, you’ve got to be blind not to see the typical average work of Albert Drake ! (He made some progress later, fortunately)

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