Murder By The Dozen

Popular Library #325, 1951

A Scorned Woman… A Dead Man

From the back:


A woman’s scream pierced the silence of the Chinese cemetery. James Lee Wong raced to the 
scene, only to hear the distant grinding of gears as a ruthless abductor sped off into 
the night with a frightened victim. The case had started with a corpse in a dark 
alley — and a missing $200,000 which Fang Yut, a wealthy importer, had used to smuggle opium 
into the States. The worried lords of Frisco’s Chinatown called Detective James Lee to clean
up the scandal. Lee soon found himself thrown into a whirlpool of violence which was 
to culminate in the strange death of Fang Yut and in the brutal kidnapping of a white girl. This is only one of twelve exciting action-packed stories featuring the famous Chinese master sleuth, James Lee Wong.


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