Never Love A Man

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Carole Rowans Was Born To Love — But Why Did She Love Only Women?

What twist of fate sends a normal woman along the unnatural paths of lesbian passion?

From the back cover:

They were a trio of beautiful women — and they had no need for men.

An early, shattering sex experience turned Carole Rowans fiercely away from men — and into the meshes of lesbian loves. First it was Helena, rich, stunningly attractive, insidiously tantalizing. Then Francine, in Paris, where eroticism and deviant allure were the fashion of the day. But Francine was already involved with Maria, a magnificently beautiful mulatto, beneath whose glowing bronze beauty lurked dark, amoral, unprincipled passion. Having seduced Francine, she would not give her up to any other woman!
Into this silken web of wanton sensualists came Tony Firth who sought to redeem Carole from the lovers of Lesbos… Could Carole Blot Out The Memory Of A Tainted Past — Or Would It Come Back To Haunt Her?

A Novel That Explores The Reasons Why Women Turn From Men To Seek Their Own Kind Of Love

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