5 thoughts on “Not For A Curse”

  1. I don’t think this is a Maguire.. I bet it is a Marchetti. It does have the same mattress and liquor bottle as Tormented Women, but I need proof that it is a Maguire. Is it credited? L.M.

      1. It looks to me like my father and Lou either shared photos or paid for the shoot together. The best example of this is my father’s Prison Girl and Lou’s The V.I.Ps. I wouldn’t be surprised if this wasn’t also true with Barye and Meese since they used the same photographer as my Dad in the 60’s.. I have found 2 photos in my Dad’s collection that belonged to them.

          1. They were broke.. and cheap!! That’s why my father, mother and a friend or 2 were often models. Once I learned how he changed his looks so it didn’t look like him too much (he had to do the same with Steve Holland after a while) I was able to identify covers no one knew he did..Like 2 old Jim Thompson novels.. The Man I Killed and The Killer Inside Me. I even found my grandmother in a couple of illustrations..L.

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