Nude In A Red Chair


No one knew how she spent her afternoons, particularly her husband… and the wife of the young artist who lived next door.

From the back:

Sally was determined to learn all there was to learn, to know all there was to know, to do all there was to do… and the men in her life were only too happy to contribute to her education.
GEORGE… roughly demanding and selfish in his lust, blaming her for the other women in his life and accusing her of being only half a wife.
HARLAN… the aging lecher, who organized the scandalous strip-poker parties and taught her in a breathtaking manner how to be a good loser.
MARK….. the patient suitor, always willing to provide all that was lacking in her marriage whenever her nagging needs drove her to his bachelor apartment.
DON….. passionate and intense, as imaginative and daring in his lovemaking as he was in his painting, proving to her that she was anything but frigid each afternoon in the warm privacy of his studio.


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