Nude On Thin Ice

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Avon #T-470, 1960

A red-hot hellcat in the frozen night — and murder on the prowl!

From the back:

Under The Bed Was Half A Million Bucks…
and in it was a lovely, lonely widow. Both of them just waiting for me.
Only one thing stood in the way. A hot-eyed little tramp with a mind like ice and a body that could melt iron. She was out of this world, this hopped-up nymphet… and that’s where she almost put me.
Because this little girl had it all mapped out. She knew which side of the bed was buttered, and that the quickest way to the hidden loot was me…
And murder!

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7 thoughts on “Nude On Thin Ice”

  1. “She knew which side of the way was buttered.” Hence the expression, “bed and butter”, I suppose…

    Sounds like some Jim Thompson story (Hell of a Woman springs to mind) with some good, old fashioned dollop o’ butter spreaded on top. (Jim Thompson, man – sooo good…)

  2. Was Avon related to the Makeup company?
    I knew a lot of other items were available through Avon cataloges and was wondering if the company was trying to cash in on the Harlequin market.

  3. Most interesting Wikipedia entry, thanks! The bit about Anton la Vey and the Satanic Bible is quite interesting indeed – I am amazed at how popular satanism was in the EE. UU. in the sixties and early seventies… I reckon Avon must have been a bit of a notty, exploitationy publishing house back in the time, quite keen on publishing slightly controversial stuff. Which, goes without saying, it’s just great. Not to mention those gorgeous comic covers… “Slave Girl Comics”, heh? I’ll say yikes! (but inside I think: yay!). Will definitely research this publisher more thoroughly.

    Later in the evening, as slumber approaches and shadows grow longer, I don’t dispel the possibility of daydreaming of a little squad of prim-dressed middle age ladies knocking at my door and, without further ado, trying to interest me in an assortment of Satanic Bibles (both softcover and leather-bound – in somewhat suspicious-looking leather).

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