6 thoughts on “On The Spot”

    1. Epworth did this cover for Avon:
      Edgar Wallace – On the Spot
      Avon Murder Mystery Monthly 45, 1947

      You can see the cover here:
      and the copyright here (on page 434): https://books.google.ca/books?redir_esc=y&id=QD4hAQAAIAAJ&q=edgar+wallace#v=snippet&q=edgar%20wallace&f=false

      Monroe Reisman did the cover for Avon 173 in 1948. You can see the copyright here (on page 190): https://books.google.ca/books?redir_esc=y&id=5EEhAQAAIAAJ&q=edgar+wallace#v=snippet&q=edgar%20wallace&f=false

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