One thought on “Potion Of Sin”

  1. To this day, on this site, there are SIXTY book covers (plus two ads) with a central cigarette lighting scene.

    Most of the times a man lights a woman’s cigarette (call it innuendo ?) but twice it is a woman that lights a man’s (with a banknote, e.g. “Money to burn” ).
    In one case, a man gives a light to another man’s (The Shadow “Death Ship).
    In one another humoristic case, it is a parrot (“Backstage with a blonde”).

    Otherwise, the character (tough guy or detective) lights his own cigarette, creating a good dramatic light effect, depending on the artist’s talent.
    Only in six cases, a woman lights her own cigarette –also in one ad, (suggesting independence from men ?, see Astounding, “Hermit of Mars”).

    I dig useless data analysis like this !

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