Punish Lesson

Midwood 32-470 1965

Inside the classroom she was the teacher and he, the student… but outside, he was the one who gave the orders!

From the back:

She had no choice but to submit to his vicious and degrading blackmail demands if she was to protect her career as a teacher and her reputation as a woman. Whatever he asked of her, whatever he wanted from her, she was forced to give if she was to keep her secret shame from being exposed. She trembled as his brutal words pierced the cloud of despair that engulfed her. “… been looking at you for three years, thinking of what I’d do if I ever got the chance. Well, now I’ve got that chance, and teacher, I’m going to make the most of it!”


4 thoughts on “Punish Lesson”

  1. This doesn’t look like a Rader woman to me, face OR legs (very slender, whereas Rader usually had more meat/muscle on his ladies’ stems. Peep the next cover down for an example of what I’m talking about).

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