Reckless Passion (Original Title: The Price of Passion)

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Pyramid Books 12, 1949

The Intimate Love Story Of A Lady Of Pleasure

From the back:

Grace Marcal had a body no man could resist. Trouble was, she used it indiscriminately. When Ray Fox learned about her wild nights with Vincent, he threw her out — and Grace took off for Mexico.
Blue-eyed American blondes being at a premium, Grace soon found herself swept up in the fast international set where love was sold to the highest bidder. Juan Torres, rich and ardent, set her up in his hacienda. Other Señores stood by with open arms. Only proud Fdix Hidalgo remained aloof. And Grace, who had always lived by passion, determined to win him with this one weapon she knew the best.
Exotic, Exciting — Often Shocking — This Book Will Thrill You From Start To Finish!

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