Rogue Rides The River

Speed Western Stories January 1943

First issue under the “Speed” title, after it changed from “Spicy


2 thoughts on “Rogue Rides The River”

  1. Ah, so did all the “Spicy” pulps change to “Speed” ?
    Was this in response to some sort of censorship in the magazine industry of the time? Sort of a Hays commission for pulps?

    Thank you for all your work. This is quite an education.

    1. “In response to renewed public outcry over “dirty magazines” in 1938, Donenfeld discontinued his remaining girlie pulp titles, which included La Paree, and in the early 1940s he cleaned up the entire Spicy line. From their January 1943 issues, titles of the “Spicy” pulps were changed to Speed Detective, Speed Mystery, Speed Adventure, and Speed Western. Along with these title changes, the covers and contents of the magazines were also toned down considerably. The “Speed” titles survived for three more years, before folding in 1946.”

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