Rogue’s Holiday

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When pirates lusted for women and gold…

… instead of free movies.

From the back:

Blackbeard’s thirteenth wife…

Her name was Raquel. The fire of her Latin beauty burned in her eyes. She was taunting, irresistible… Robert Maynard felt her dark eyes upon him, beckoning. Yet he knew that to succumb to her charms was death… For Maynard was Blackbeard’s prisoner, and he had seen the pirate’s own glittering eyes — the eyes of a ruthless killer who would give no mercy and ask no name… And then Raquel was beside Maynard in the dark hold of the ship, her voluptuous body against his own. “I shall not give you up,” she said, “never…”

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One thought on “Rogue’s Holiday”

  1. He doesn’t treat his women very well, as seen before in last year’s batch of wonderful covers. It’s lucky he never bumped into mary Read or Anne Booney, or even Grace O’Malley the pirate queen of Connemara. They’d of turned his black beard grey overnight!

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