Sargasso of Lost Starships

Sargasso of Lost Starships, Planet Stories January 1952 thumbnail
Planet Stories January 1952 thumbnail
Planet Stories 1952-01 004 thumbnail
Planet Stories 1952-01 005 thumbnail
Planet Stories 1952-01 038 thumbnail
Planet Stories 1952-01 051 thumbnail
Planet Stories 1952-01 081 thumbnail
Sargasso of Lost Starships, Planet Stories January 1952
Planet Stories January 1952
Planet Stories 1952-01 004
Planet Stories 1952-01 005
Planet Stories 1952-01 038
Planet Stories 1952-01 051
Planet Stories 1952-01 081

From a world beyond the fringe Valduma lured men to a voluptuous half-life…

This Allen Anderson painting marks 10,000 posts at It has taken us about three years to get here, and we are proud to have assembled such a fantastic collection of covers.

To celebrate this milestone, I actually purchased this magazine, so the cover scan above is from my own collection. The painting itself is a bit out of my price range.

painting via Heritage Auctions. This entire issue can be downloaded here

One thought on “Sargasso of Lost Starships”

  1. Great site. I love 1940-1950s pulp scifi art. The way women were pictured in those days was ridiculous and degrading, but erotic nevertheless.
    The era also brought back the, what I call, Lost Legs of Men. Guys with shaven bodies, bare save for a loin cloth or stylish shorts. Between 1000 and 1800 AD there were no bare male legs to be seen but Edgar Rice Burroughs and related artists brought them back. In my youth (1950s) I was sure shorts and mini skirts would be the fashion of the future. I did not anticipate men with long hair and beards, of course. That wasn’t civilized!

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