Sex Fever

Sex Fever, by Val Munroe, 1965

What happens when a pretty tramp marries into suburban society?
Her husband did not know about Laura’s lurid past. She did not know about his lurid present. It took a lot of hectic cheating to even the score!

From the back:

When a sexy hussy marries a man unfamiliar
with her past, what happens when he does learn
about it?
Are perversion and moral degeneracy more acceptable
among women with money to throw
In today’s status-conscious suburbia, are you
“one up” on your neighbor if you seduce his wife?
These are the questions posed in this bold new
look at the love, sex and marriage practices in a
modern suburban community. They are answered
by Laura, who undresses with professional subtlety
even for her husband… by Roseanne, who
takes up where Laura leaves off… by Edith and
Donna, two voluptuous and silky-limbed mantraps…

This Book Parts The Velvet Curtains Of The Sexual Underground, Giving You Intimate Glimpses Of Suburban Style Sensuality!


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