Shame Cult

Ember Book 921 1963 thumbnail
Ember Books 921 1963 thumbnail
Ember Book 921 1963
Ember Books 921 1963

Lust Ruled Supreme In Their Orgy World!

From the back:

STEREOPHONIC SIN to the rhythm of beating torn-toms marked the time as luscious blonde Lenora led Stan Golden through his paces at the orgy club. And if he happened to tire of her tribal temptations, there was always Cynthia, or Barbara, or Gail, waiting with eager passions to help Stan work his way through his senior college year. In between his job as gardener for the Cardwell mansion and attending classes, they were determined that Stan would have no free time to call his own . . . just enough high-living and almost too much fast-loving to make this school year one memorable ball.

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