2 thoughts on “She Wouldn’t Surrender”

  1. I was wondering why she wasn’t using her left hand to cover her most private area until I noticed the small pistol.
    Wonder if this cover is “click bait” or an event in the book?

  2. Just finished the book and this incident depicted on the cover did not happen although she did carry a .41 Derringer and wasn’t afraid to use it. It is still an intriguing illustration.
    There was a scene in the beginning of the book where she swims naked on a moonless night across a river, reaches the other side, grabs a large rock, sneaks up behind the Union sentry guarding the bridge and hits in the face with the rock when he turns around killing him, too startled to react when he sees the naked girl (the book says she was 17). She then puts on her clothes, gets on her horse and crosses the now unguarded bridge to a Confederate camp.
    This is one of many scenes where she ends up nude or simi-nude before the end of the book as a teenager. (Learned a lot about the various names of ladies under apparel in the 1860s reading this book)
    The author of the book said Belle Boyd wrote an autobiography which he used as a resource for this historical fiction. Some say the autobiography was highly fictionalized. Regardless, this book is an entertaining read.

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