4 thoughts on “Spanish… Love Story”

  1. So in real life, the light touch of a fingernail will put a run in a stocking, but this femme fatal can carry a dagger in her stockingtop with nary a scratch…

  2. I found another copy of this issue, but with some variations. Might this copy be a reprint? On the other version, the little block on the upper left, which here states “A Painter Publication” isn’t there. Under that block, in green letters, it’s marked “April”. The year is listed in an online directory as 1935. There are a couple of story variations as well – the “On Borrowed Time” block covers/replaces “Ballyhoo City”. The block added on the lower left covers up part of “Spanish… And What Eyes! Cornell Woolrich”. The Price block on the upper right covers “and Young’s Magazine, 20c”. (Which would be he original issue.) The stories listed on the lower right are the same. The dress on that copy is purple.

    1. This cover is the April 1944 issue, and the cover has been reworked from the April 1935 issue you found.

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