2 thoughts on “Swaps In Color”

  1. That’s not Bonfils?

    As an ass-iduous student of art, I’d say that the style of the backside of the woman in this cover resembles the style of the derrieres of the women in the following cover:


    Of course, it could just be that all booties look the same to me. I’m a boobs and legs man myself, so it may be that I’m not sufficiently expert in rumps to get to the bottom of the matter.

    1. I fancy myself ass a butt of a derriere connaisseur and, ass such, I must take asstep forward and favour your assertion wholearsetedly. Indeed, from an arsetrictly assnatomically point of view, both covers seem to have been asspawned from the same hand wielding the same brush in the same manner, er, fundamentally.

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