Swing Shift

Midwood Books F384 1964 thumbnail
MIDWOOD F384 1964 thumbnail
Midwood Books F384 1964
MIDWOOD F384 1964

It was a sleepy little town by day… but a glittering jewel of corruption by night!

From the back:

Chris… who worked nights as a hostess in a nightclub owned by a man who insisted on driving her home… the long way!
Mercy… who needed more than her husband was able to give her and decided to let every man in town know it!
Lize… who took her pleasure wherever and whenever she could find it, even if it meant seducing her friend’s husband… or her neighbor’s pretty young wife!
Three Attractive Young House Wives… Each With Her Own Problem, Each With Her Own Need, Each With Her Own Reason for Going on a Sexual Spree


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