Beacon Books B219 1959

Take One Reckless Young American In A Strange Land… Add Six Sizzling Senoritas Who Try To Make Him Feel At Home–And You Have A Scorching Novel Of Sin, Suspense And Intrigue!

From the back:

MEXICO is famed for Tabasco, the hot sauce—and for girls equally torrid. Yet his sweetheart in the States pushed Don right into their arms! She sent him south of the border to be her cat’s-paw in a big-money swindle risking his affections, not to mention his life…
DON soon found himself in the menage of three lovely Latin sisters—Esta, Thereze cold pretty little Deldee. And nearby dwelled three other sisters—Ynez, Yolanda and Yma, the two sets of girls competed for Don’s caresses, going after him shamelessly both singly and in groups. In a way they were more dangerous than anything else about his mission. All of which was fine with Don. He preferred his food and his adventures peppery — and his women the same way!


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