… And She Gave Me A Zippo!


Love can’t be totally blind… when it sees how clearly a Zippo lights the way to the masculine heart!

A man treasures his Zippo because it isn’t just a fair-weather friend; a Zippo works in wind or wet with one quick zip. And he likes to know that Zippo offers free repair service for life.

When his Zippo’s a gift from someone he loves, it’s doubly dear to him.


“Windy” Zippo Ad (the company’s first ad)


Note that in this ad, both his names are misspelled: Enoc Boles not Enoch Bolles. Soon after the first publication, this artwork began to appear without attribution and eventually was mis-attributed to Alberto Vargas. Today, people sell Windy items on eBay and other venues, thinking it’s Vargas when it’s actually (and obviously from the style) Bolles; I understand that even the Zippo company is confused. As a public service, tell your friends, folks, it’s Bolles, not Vargas.