The Day the Earth Froze

Monarch Books PB-1963

Mankind Was Facing A Terrible New Ice Age And No One Knew How To Halt The Deadly Event


After World’s End

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Marvel Science Stories, February 1939
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The Day The Oceans Overflowed

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Monarch #443, 1964

A Handful Of People Fight For Survival Against A Violent Upheaval Of Nature

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Mister Adam


The Man Every Woman Wanted — The Only Virile Man Left In A World Affected By Atomic Disaster


World Without Women (1960)


The Scourge Had Spread All Over Earth — Killing All But A Few Women, For Whose Favors The Price Was Death

France: For the protection of female survivors, any male found on the streets after six o’clock will be shot and killed.

Russia: Every surviving female between the ages of 14 and 35 must marry and live with as many men as the state shall designate.

United States: Any male of any age who molests or lays hand on any surviving female of any age, against her will, will be summarily shot.