The Devil Is A Dame

Two-Fisted Detective Stories December 1960

Also, TNT Temptress, As Hot As Hell and H-Man


Drop Dead, Daddio

Two-Fisted Detective Stories August 1960

Also, Luck Needs A Lover, Killers Have No Faces, and So Soft, So Deadly


Hot Babes Are Murder

Two-Fisted Detective Stories March 1960

Also, Lust Pulls The Switch, Goddess Of Death Alley, and Darling Of Deadly Desire


Murder Wears A Bikini!

Off Beat Detective July 1961

Also, Blood Will Tell!, Never Con A Killer!, and Her Ghost Needs Loving!


You’re My Knife!

Off Beat Detective Stories May 1960

These titles don’t always make the most sense, but this one makes less sense than usual.


Baby Needs A New Lover!

Off Beat Detective Stories July 1959

Also, She’ll Shriek For Death!


Hot Dame With A Cooler!

Off Beat Detective Stories Jan 1960

No Game For Chickens, Blonde Trap, and Never Spurn A Hellcat!


Bribe Me With Lust!

Off Beat Detective Stories Nov 1960

Also, Deadly Dream Doll! and Judge Me In Hell!


Frame Me In Satin!

Off Beat Detective Stories Sept 1960

Also, Burn For Me, Darling! and Little Sister of Lust