Highway Episode (Original Title: Clutch and Differential)

Frank Uppwall - Highway Episode - Original Artwork (1953) thumbnail
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Frank Uppwall - Highway Episode - Original Artwork (1953)
Beacon 109, 1955

Cover was later flipped and reused for Pick-Up

He Holed Up With A Helpless Lush

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Queer Affair / Gutter Star

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Stallion Book #210 1954
Intimate Novel 52 1954
Beacon B135 1957

Theirs Was A Passion No Man Could Share!

She Was A Hollywood Star, But Her Home Was The Gutter…

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The Woman He Wanted

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Beacon B118 1954
Beacon Books #B172, 1958
Beacon Books #B172

She Begged For His Brutal Caresses
Stell lived and loved like an animal — A carnivorous beast!

From the back:

He Was Rotten — She Was Worse…!

She was such a gorgeous girl… and so willing! A brute like Stell had no trouble at all getting her to give him the kind of love he craved. But it was a mystery to him — and to everybody else — why she stood for his cruelties, why she took the blows that were part of his passion. After all, a kid with her class, her fresh clean beauty, could have any man she wanted. Stell’s brother, Mike for instance…

One night Stell tried to take her and she fought him off, taunting him to splurge his abusive love on some other woman. Then he found her and Mike together — and the dread secret was out. This sweet, lovely girl had hungers even more twisted than his own!


The Old Flame



James T. Farrell – The Old Flame
Frank Kane – Lead Ache (Johnny Liddell)
Richard Deming – The Blonde in the Bar
Jack Webb – Broken Doll


Confessions of a Psychiatrist / The Woman He Wanted


Every boudoir was his office, every patient his plaything…

He was a brute who lived and loved like an animal — a carnivorous beast!

Confessions of a Psychiatrist has a stand-alone cover, as does The Woman He Wanted