Love In The Shadows

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Beacon B589F 1963
Beacon Books B589F 1963

To Save Her Husband’s Career, She Proposed An Affair With His Boss’s Wife — And Then She Took His Place!
She had often wondered about the “other” kind of love — and now she knew…
The Startling Novel Of A Woman Trapped By Ambition — And By Desires Even She Was Ashamed To Acknowledge

From the back:

Husband and Wife
The Both Battled for the Same Girl 
It had been in bed that Ed Galway’s beautiful wife had made the decision. It wouldn’t be a bad idea for him to have an affair with the boss’s wife. At first he had been shocked by Ruth’s bold suggestion. But she convinced him that it would make secure his shaky position in the firm…
And Now, Looking Down At Helen’s Curved And Trembling Body, He Decided It Had Been A Damned Good Idea…
But instead of cementing relationships at the office, the illicit intrigue had backfired — and Ed’s career came tumbling down. That’s when aggressive, sophisticated Ruth took their ambitions by the hand and invited Helen for a cocktail chat. What followed unmasked the passions she had been hiding for years… 
Ruth’s Lesbian Desires Created A Tangled Triangle That Threatened To Destroy All It Touched!

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