Last of the Moro Bloodbaths

Man's Conquest June 1958

Also, Kingdom Of Willing Women and British “Kinsey” Report Bares England’s Sex-Life


3 Years With The She-Devils Of The Sulu Sea

Man's Conquest magazine cover, March 1959 thumbnail
Man's Conquest March 1959 thumbnail
Man's Conquest magazine cover, March 1959
Man's Conquest March 1959

The Amazing Saga of Charlie Hathaway’s Battalion Of Women Warriors


The Love-Happy Conman Who Outwitted The Gestapo

MAN'S CONQUEST, October 1968


Blood, Sand And Seven Silk Veils

Man's Conquest April 1959

Also featuring Madame Moon’s School Of Love: Red China’s Hottest Cold War Weapon and 86 Wives For 36 Husbands


Flesh-Feast for the Beasts of Burma

Man's Conquest May 1957

Also featuring Blood-Lust of the Buccaneer’s Woman and The Truth About Those Amazing New “Sex Pills”


Man-Bait For The Devil Snake

Man's Conquest October 1959

Also featuring White Love-Slave Of Samoa: An Ex G.I.’s Savage Ordeal With The Tabu-Girls of “Dead End Island”


Stampede of the Killer Hippo


I Gamble With Death For Pirate Gold