The G-String Murders (1942)

Detective Book Fall 1942

Detective Book reused this cover a few years later for The Triple Cross


Dragon’s Cave

Detective Book Magazine Winter 1947 thumbnail
Detective-Book-Magazine-Winter-1947 ReTouched thumbnail
Detective Book Magazine Winter 1947
Detective-Book-Magazine-Winter-1947 ReTouched

The curvy Red-Head knew… Soon again that hate-riddled Chicago mansion, packed with Knightly murder-weapons, would spout blood!


The Burning Court (1952)

Detective Book Magazine Winter 1952

She was his wife. Also she was Marie D’Aubray, guillotined for murder in 1676!


Search For A Scientist

Detective Book Magazine Fall 1949

The Blue Angel sang — and men died. Young Lieut. Murray . . . Schradzki the Russian . . . The Marseilles warf-rat . . . Only Kilgerrin lived to follow Tania’s somber melody, to fling wide the gates of Murder Mansion where Death held holiday.

Also, Honeymoon With Death


The Flaming Lady Murder

Detective Book 1949 Summer

I think this is a George Gross cover. The entire issue can be downloaded here

The Triple Cross (1950)

49973541882-detective-book-magazine thumbnail
Detective Book December 1949 thumbnail
detective-book-magazine-spring-1950 thumbnail
Detective Book December 1949

A Million-Dollar scar on her hip… if the lady lived to collect…

This entire issue can be downloaded here

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The Pay-Off


Who was the Spider that spun velvet death? Who was that killer at the heart of the City’s crime-web?