Girl for the House of Horror

Headquarters Detective February 1941

This looks a lot like Norman Saunders’ work, but it doesn’t appear on any list of his covers.


I Clipped The Wings Of Broadway Angels

Headquarters Detective May 1942

Also, Too Many Wives For An Alibi and Scarlet Date of the Fickle Dancing Queen


Female Sleuth and the Blackjack of Death

Headquarters Detective December 1943

Also, Clue Of The Doctor’s Dilemma


Trapping The Phantom Stalkers of the Young Wife

Headquarters Detective - 1940-10

Also featuring Sex For Men In Uniform and Assault Of The Murdered Spinster


Frightened Divorcée and the Phantom of the Beach

Headquarters Detective - 1941-12

Also featuring Death By Appointment: Exposing Dr .Ramsey’s Notorious Abortion Ring

This cover was later reused for the November 1947 issue


I Racketeered With Beauty

Headquarters Detective - 1942-08

Also, The Passionate Kidnapper And The Barefoot Corpse


Trapping Michigan’s Sex-Maddened Monster


Also, Texas’ Case of the Vanishing Harlot