Girl for the House of Horror

Headquarters Detective February 1941

This looks a lot like Norman Saunders’ work, but it doesn’t appear on any list of his covers.


I Clipped The Wings Of Broadway Angels

Headquarters Detective May 1942

Also, Too Many Wives For An Alibi and Scarlet Date of the Fickle Dancing Queen


Terror Rendezvous Of The Sex-Mad Slayer

Headquarters Detective July 1941

Also, I was a Lure for a Pickpocket


Female Sleuth and the Blackjack of Death

Headquarters Detective December 1943

Also, Clue Of The Doctor’s Dilemma


Trapping The Phantom Stalkers of the Young Wife

Headquarters Detective - 1940-10

Also featuring Sex For Men In Uniform and Assault Of The Murdered Spinster


Frightened Divorcée and the Phantom of the Beach

Headquarters Detective - 1941-12 thumbnail
Headquarters Detective December 1941 thumbnail
Headquarters Detective - 1941-12
Headquarters Detective December 1941

Also featuring Death By Appointment: Exposing Dr .Ramsey’s Notorious Abortion Ring

This cover was later reused for the November 1947 issue

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I Racketeered With Beauty

Headquarters Detective - 1942-08

Also, The Passionate Kidnapper And The Barefoot Corpse


Trapping Michigan’s Sex-Maddened Monster


Also, Texas’ Case of the Vanishing Harlot