Hospital of the Damned

Horror Stories 1935 June thumbnail
Horror Stories June 1935 thumbnail
Horror Stories 1935 June
Horror Stories June 1935

Also, The Devil’s Sculptor 

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The Thing From Beyond

HORROR STORIES U.K. edition No. 3 i.e. 4

The last of four identified issues published in Britain. It has a number 3 on the spine but William Contento places it as the fourth issue. Story contents are from the August 1940 U.S. issue, and the cover is reworked from the July 1935 issue of Terror Tales


Maids For The Hill Devils

Horror Stories February 1938 thumbnail
Horror Stories February-March 1938 thumbnail
Horror Stories February 1938
Horror Stories February-March 1938

A Horror Novel Of Savage Lust

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The Bus Death Drove

Horror Stories, April-May 1937 thumbnail
Horror Stories April-May 1937 thumbnail
Horror Stories, April-May 1937
Horror Stories April-May 1937

Also featuring Daughter Of Dark Desire

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Revolt Of The Circus Freaks

Horror Stories October-November 1938

Also, Priestess Of The Plague


Things That Once Were Men / Flesh For The Devil’s Piper

Horror Stories - October 1935 thumbnail
Startling Mystery Magazine - April 1940 thumbnail
Startling Mystery 2 - 006-007 thumbnail
Startling Mystery 2 - 028 thumbnail
Startling Mystery 2 - 038-039 thumbnail
Startling Mystery 2 - 056 thumbnail
Startling Mystery 2 - 062-063 thumbnail
Startling Mystery 2 - 066-067 thumbnail
Startling Mystery 2 - 079 thumbnail
Horror Stories - October 1935
Startling Mystery Magazine - April 1940
Startling Mystery 2 - 006-007
Startling Mystery 2 - 028
Startling Mystery 2 - 038-039
Startling Mystery 2 - 056
Startling Mystery 2 - 062-063
Startling Mystery 2 - 066-067
Startling Mystery 2 - 079

In April 1940, the second and final issue of Startling Mystery Magazine reused the October 1935 Horror Stories cover. The complete issue of Startling Mystery can be downloaded here

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Listen To The Madman’s Drum!

Horror Stories October 1937

Also, Daughter Of The Devil

Cover was later retouched for the February 1940 issue of Dime Mystery. Interestingly, it was retouched to make it more risque.


Satan’s Seamstress

Horror Stories, May 1940 thumbnail
Horror Stories_40-05_006-007 thumbnail
Horror Stories_40-05_024_ thumbnail
Horror Stories_40-05_036_ thumbnail
Horror Stories_40-05_046-047 thumbnail
Horror Stories_40-05_064_ thumbnail
Horror Stories_40-05_072_ thumbnail
Horror Stories_40-05_082-083 thumbnail
Horror Stories_40-05_088_ thumbnail
Horror Stories, May 1940
Horror Stories_40-05_006-007
Horror Stories_40-05_024_
Horror Stories_40-05_036_
Horror Stories_40-05_046-047
Horror Stories_40-05_064_
Horror Stories_40-05_072_
Horror Stories_40-05_082-083
Horror Stories_40-05_088_

This entire issue can be downloaded here