Laughter Out Of Space

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Future Fiction July 1940

This entire issue can be downloaded here

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Gunmen Of Glory

Western Novels June 1936

This entire issue can be downloaded here 


Mates For The Morgue-Master

Mystery Tales December 1939 thumbnail
Mystery Tales V3#3 December 1939 thumbnail
Mystery Tales December 1939
Mystery Tales V3#3 December 1939

Also, School For Beasts

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Murder’s Not Funny / The Guy With The Educated Gun

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This painting was published as a pulp cover twice: first as the cover for Star Detective Stories, July 1938, and with a second publication as the cover for Detective Short Stories, June 1941.

The complete issue of Star Detective Stories can be downloaded here

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Last Race


A novel about auto racing — as high-speed, high-powered and death-defying as the world’s most dangerous sport


World Reborn!

Future Fiction, November 1939

This first issue of Future Fiction included an ad offering the original art for this cover to the person who sends in the best “letter of comment” about this issue. No one seems to know what happened to it.


The Angel From Hell

Marvel Tales - December 1939 thumbnail
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Marvel Tales - December 1939

First of only two issues, the entire thing (more or less) can be downloaded here

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Death Stalks The Night

Star Detective August 1935

This entire issue can be downloaded here


Chorines For Death’s Ballet

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Mystery Tales - May 1939 thumbnail
Mystery Tales - May 1939

Notice that the published cover removes the hero coming to her rescue.

Also includes Spawn of Satan’s Scourge and Hostess of the Tomb


Where Hell Hallows Its Harpies

Mystery Tales V3#5 May 1940

The last issue of Mystery Tales