The Creeping Scourge

Terrors of the Jungle #20

A Weaving, Writhing Terror With Slime Covered Tentacles, Reaching And Grasping For Victims. What Was The Frightening Power Behind… The Creeping Scourge

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Revolt of the Jungle Monsters

Terrors of the Jungle #6 1953

From Out Of The Abyssal Depths Of A Remote Cavern, Within The Impregnable Fastness Of The Jungle, Comes A Threat Of Death And Destruction. Between The Forces Of Evil, And The Outside World, Stands Bantor, Monarch Of The Jungle, Trading Blow For Blow With Man’s Predatory Enemy As He Faces The — Revolt of the Jungle Monsters

This entire issue can be downloaded here

Sex Merry-Go-Round


Their time was running out and with reckless abandon they spent their remaining hours in a wanton splurge of carnal lusts!!


Reckless Virgin (Original Title: Careless Virgin)

Croydon Books 13 - Glen Watkins - Reckless Virgin

A reckless young woman caught in a web of Passion!