The Facts About Sex And Pain

Man's Adventure Magazine March 1963

Also featuring Pit Of Slaughter, Wives For Rent, Death In The Air, and The Call-Girl Who Saved America


Warped Women

Uni Books Digest #9 1951

Helpless Wretches — stripped by strange emotions of all restraint and decency — would they ever again know real love?


She-Devil And The Love Bargain In Blood

True Police Cases March 1958

Also featuring So Evil My Life — An Amazing Confession By A Sex Criminal!


I Lived Among Scarlet Sinners In The House Of Lost Women

True Police Yearbook 1957


Cannibal Caravans

Jungle Comics #99 March 1948

This entire issue can be downloaded here

Street Queens Are Taking Over Teenage Gangs!

Wildcat Adventures February 1962 thumbnail
Wildcat Adventures Magazine January 1962 thumbnail
Wildcat Adventures February 1962
Wildcat Adventures Magazine January 1962

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The Nazi She-Devil Who Killed For Kicks!

Man's Action April 1968