The Nazi She-Devil Who Killed For Kicks!

Man's Action April 1968


Mistress Of Madness

Off Beat Detective Stories Jan 1961

Also, Soft Arms — Bloody Hands!, Lust Town! and Run, Sucker, Run!


Queen of Evil (1964)

After Hours 105 1964

From the back:

… In the midst of black magic where love potions, sex rites, fertility dances and a strange DEVIL WORSHIP rules over Haiti, comes beautiful Mitzi Turner, with hopes of finding a mysterious tribe. Instead, she becomes involved with domineering, powerful Laura Dixon, regarded as a Queen of Evil, believed to be the secret Voodoo Queen. In jungles as raw as the passions and perversions of its natives, sadism is a virtue. Forbidden dances with snakes. Lesbian loves on a plantation. Brutality rules supreme. A web of evil.


The Slithering Shadow

Held Against Her Will, Weird Tales pulp magazine cover thumbnail
07_1933_12_wt_brundage thumbnail
Weird Tales 1933-09 003 thumbnail
Weird Tales 1933-09 026 thumbnail
Weird Tales 1933-09 075 thumbnail
Held Against Her Will, Weird Tales pulp magazine cover
Weird Tales 1933-09 003
Weird Tales 1933-09 026
Weird Tales 1933-09 075

Fritz Leiber rated The Slithering Shadow (a.k.a. Xuthal of the Dusk) among the worst of the Conan stories, calling it “repetitious and childish, a self-vitiating brew of pseudo-science, stage illusions, and the ‘genuine’ supernatural.” However, that didn’t stop this original Margaret Brundage painting for selling for $42,000. This entire issue can be downloaded here


Love Prize For The Hell-Cats Of The Costa Brava!

Real Men August 1959


A Witch Shall Be Born

Weird Tales December, 1934 thumbnail
Weird Tales Dec 1934 thumbnail
WT-1934-12-p004 thumbnail
WT-1934-12-p033 thumbnail
WT-1934-12-p047 thumbnail
WT-1934-12-p065 thumbnail
Weird Tales December, 1934
Weird Tales Dec 1934

One of the weaker Conan stories, but this is the one where he kills a vulture with his teeth while nailed to a cross. You can download this entire issue here

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Black Lace Drag

Private Edition PE 433 1967

Who would suspect a transvestite of murder?

Note that this book came out 7 years after Hitchcock’s Psycho


Lesbian Triangle

Brandon House 622 1963

Attractive men gave her the love she needed but she was still easier prey for sensuous women


Red Nails

Weird Tales July 1936 thumbnail
WT1936-07-p019 thumbnail
WT1936-07-p051 thumbnail
WT1936-07-p063 thumbnail
Weird Tales July 1936

A fascinating story of the black lotus and the queerest people ever spawned

This entire issue can be downloaded here

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A Rival From The Grave

January 1936 issue of Weird Tales thumbnail
Weird Tales, 1936 January thumbnail
Weird Tales, January 1936 page-004 thumbnail
Weird Tales, January 1936 page-073 thumbnail
January 1936 issue of Weird Tales
Weird Tales, 1936 January
Weird Tales, January 1936 page-004
Weird Tales, January 1936 page-073

Creeping Horror! Weird Terror!

The original painting sold at auction in 2018 for $72,000. This entire issue can be downloaded here

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The Night The Girls Ran Wild

October 1962 Wildcat Adventures

Also featuring They Took My Manhood!, The Bloody Revenge Of Hitler’s Nude S.S. Nurses, and “Slugger” Hellenhart’s Strip Tease Command Raid



Ember Library 309 thumbnail
Ember library #EL-321 1966 thumbnail
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Ember Library 309
Ember library #EL-321 1966

Agent 0008 Battles The Roman Sin Hordes Of — Gamefinger

From the back:

In Eros Island’s modern Coliseum, lusty men and voluptuous girls stoically massacred each other while the TV cameras captured every bloody scene… Meanwhile, the rocket experts readied the pirate satellites that would soon broadcast the spectacles of slaughter to every nation on earth… still, 0008 waited for the signal that would mean the end of the mad genius that had created Roman Games ’66, the man called Gamefinger

You can download this complete novel here

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