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Uni-Book #13 1951
Uni Books Digest #13 1951

Kurt Loved This Woman — Did He Love Her Brother More?

From the back:

THIS was the poignant question torturing Kurt Gray in his pursuit of that happiness which only love can give! For it seemed to Kurt that he was “different”—that he could not derive, as others did, any warm reward from association with the opposite sex. He detected in himself, though he fought it, an irresistible preference for the company of men!
Yielding to temptation and the smooth blandishments of a college classmate, Kurt found himself gradually sinking into a morass of impropriety. Fleeing his home, he settled in Greenwich Village, travelled in France, returned to New York’s musical comedy stage where he achieved success as a composer—but always now with a companion at his side, another of Kurt’s kind, another twisted member of this strange, secret fraternity. Yet, was he really one of them? Or could he still be rescued, restored to normal ways? Chloe, the girl who loved him despite everything, believed that if only she could make him desire her, this would cure him. Deliberately she set out to entice him from abnormality. The story of her sacrifice and what it proved to Kurt makes a superb novel—and one of the most distinguished treatments of a delicate subject to have appeared in recent years!

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The Queer Frenzy

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Love-Starved, Willing Women Lusted Shamelessly For His Masculinity To Satisfy Their Carnal Desires… In Vain!!

From the back:

Passion Burned In Him Like Wildfire As He Frenziedly Sought That Peculiar Kind Of Woman Who Alone Knew How To Cool The Fires Of Love.
A surging rock ‘n roll beat drove him toward his weird fate. Unfulfilled desire led him into a crazed half-world of ruthless love and bloody death for profit, a shadowy world of wanton women and frustrated men. Luscious, swinging beauties failed to satisfy his longings and he desperately hunted salvation… before it was too late!!!

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You Can Cure Constipation… Without Drugs!

Scuba Rescue, American Manhood magazine cover, December 1952 thumbnail
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Scuba Rescue, American Manhood magazine cover, December 1952
American Manhood December 1952


Man Divided


He had to choose — a half world or a world of women’s love


Skid Row Sweetie

Late-Hour Library LL767 1968

Rod Was Every Wino’s — Skid Row Sweetie

For a gay porn novel, there is a lot of tits going on here.


Senator Swish

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Companion Books CB553 (1968) thumbnail
Companion Books CB553 - Senator Swish (1968)
Companion Books CB553 (1968)

He Won The Gay Vote By A Sinslide!

From the back:

Van was almost a senator when Jeff seduced him. The memory of lust was a shameful nightmare—and then blackmail threatened his career… and his manhood.


Gay Boy

Nite Time Original #123

A Probing Look At The Gay Boy’s And The Films Which Are Made To Satisfy Their Perverse Hungers!