Is Your Wife Your Sexual Equal?


All I’m saying is that my wife is used to wrestling with giant pythons…


They Fed on Our Blood: Nightmare in a Lake of Lampreys

Stag January 1956

Also, My Six Years With The Amazon Women


The Kid From Rattlesnake Bar

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Stag December 1957 thumbnail
Stag December 1957

Also featuring Capt. Hintze and his 2000 Dead Crewmen and Assignment: Get Her Out Of Harlot House

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The Hush-Hush Mission Of Lt. Clark

Stag November 1957

Also featuring My Adventures With The Golden Women Of Kon-Plong


My Life With New Guinea’s Amazon Women

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Stag October 1957

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$1,000,000 Daylight Raid On Pleasure Island

Stag September 1965

Also, Love Riot At Iron Curtain Beach Resorts and Castro-Russian Plot To Chop Up South America


Escape Of The “Shot-To-Hell” P.O.W.

STAG July 1964 15-7

Also, The Wife Traders, Quick, Before It Melts, and The Day Pilot Delaney Sank The World’s Biggest Battleship

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