Backwoods Hussy

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Passion and desire/hate in the Florida scrub country!

For some inscrutable reason, this book was later retitled as Lisa

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Chinese Lover (Original Title: The Infidelities of Madam Li)

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An Exotic Novel Of Infidelity!

From the back:

In a Chinese Boudoir…She was a lovely, lonely bride, and the handsome, young kitchen slave was hers to command. So she lured him to her secluded chamber, and taught him the ancient rites of passion — unaware that someone was eavesdropping at the door. Chinese Lover is the bizarre story of a sultry, Oriental beauty whose daring amour reached dizzy heights of ecstasy and intrigue — until she discovered that her husband had set a trap to catch her in adultery

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The Weekend


On the Loose in Reno… with a Love-starved Divorcee at Every Turn


The Violent Ones

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The Teenaged Terror of Today — its playthings knives, saps and zip guns.

Powerful Stories Of The Teen-Age Jungle

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Sinner (Original Title: Life Of Passion )

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1953 Croydon 103

She could have been an angel, but passion made her a Sinner

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