Nicaragua’s Treasure Of “Dead Virgin Swamp”

Real Men January 1966

Also featuring Wife Swapping Is Everything We Hoped For!, Pain Is My Way Of Life And I Love It, and Assignment: Nymphomaniac


Man On The Make

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Playtime 649-S 1963 thumbnail
Playtime 649-S
Playtime 649-S 1963

Seducing The Boss’s Wife Was Just One Way To Get Control Of The Operation… He’d Do Anything To Be Top Man

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The Naked and the Fair

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1958 Beacon B183
Beacon #B183 1958

She Bared Her Body — And Stripped Her Soul!

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The Syndicate

Newsstand Library #513 1960

She was ready, willing and more than able — as wide-open as the town and the “organization”!


Her Life To Live (Original Title: Big Eyes)

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She Was The Talk Of The Town

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The Big Make (Original Title: Little Killer)

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A High-Priced Dame — A Guy With A Gun — An Explosive Novel Of Big-City Vice

From the back:

When she sang, it was different from anything Nicky Palermo had ever heard, a throaty sound that was part invitation and part threat, a sound which promised all the things which the shoddy other women in Nicky’s life had never been able to offer…

This was a woman — beautiful, sophisticated, glamorous — and too good for Nicky Palermo…

But Nicky was going to have her, whatever she thought. The cold, hard .38 in his pocket would take care of any minor differences of opinion…

This artwork also appears on Salambo

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The Veils Of Salome

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Victimized by her selfish, lustful mother… Torn by her lost and hopeless love, the beautiful Judean princess became the most infamous woman in history.

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The Sins Of Seena

Ember Library EL306 1965

Drink And Passion Could Never Destroy — The Sins Of Seena