The G-String Murders (1942)

Detective Book Fall 1942

Detective Book reused this cover a few years later for The Triple Cross


Girls of Club Sappho

Saber Book #SA-36 1963

The crowd was spellbound when Beverly and Marge made their near-nude debut


The Sin Prophet

Midnight Reader #426 1962

Lust And Shame Ruled The Cult Of — The Sin Prophet


Sinners Shroud (1966)

Leisure Book #LB1132 1966

Wanton passions clothed her body in shame!


Sex Dancer

Beacon B522F

Jean Danced…. And Every Man In The Place Was On Fire!
Every day the doors of Hollywood are battered by hordes of ambition-ridden, sex-driven girls… Here’s the story of one who didn’t quite make it.
A Smashing Novel That Reveals The Degradation Of Filmland’s Would Be Stars… And The Men Who Take Advantage Of Them!

This entire book can be downloaded here


The Zipper Girls

Beacon Books B482F 1962 thumbnail
Beacon B482F thumbnail
Beacon Books B482F 1962
Beacon B482F

They shared men’s stares —
CHEETA — fiery, superbly built
EVE — flame-haired and lush
SUGAR — tall, tawny and predatory

All the girls in the show had some excuse for displaying their charms to men. But selfish desires alone drove Eve to give special shows to a man she loved — and to one she hated!

How Do Girls Really Feel About Showing Their Bodies? Here Is A Novel Which Probes The Motives For Female Exhibitionism — On And Off Stage!

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Nicaragua’s Treasure Of “Dead Virgin Swamp”

Help Yourself, Real Men magazine cover, January 1966 thumbnail
Real Men January 1966 thumbnail
Help Yourself, Real Men magazine cover, January 1966
Real Men January 1966

Also featuring Wife Swapping Is Everything We Hoped For!, Pain Is My Way Of Life And I Love It, and Assignment: Nymphomaniac

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Cellini Smith, Detective

Thrilling Mystery Novel January 1946

This entire issue can be downloaded here

Strip Tease Girl (1938)

Intimate Confessions - April 1938 thumbnail
Intimate Confessions, April 1938 thumbnail
s-l1600 thumbnail
Intimate Confessions - April 1938
Intimate Confessions, April 1938

Intimate Confessions was a cross between the love pulps and the Spicy pulps, edited by one “Marlene la Mour,” with stories like Strip Tease Girl, Woman of the Streets, and I Was a Rich Man’s Plaything.

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Rape Included


The hoods and their girl friends looked on with amusement while Rachel went through her forced act of stripping.