Saucer over Italy


Also, ‘Radio to other Worlds’, and ‘Religion and the Saucers’

Of course, that thing on the cover looks nothing like a saucer. 


Whom The Gods Would Slay…

Fantastic Adventures, June 1951 thumbnail
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Fantastic Adventures, June 1951

 … they send to mess with Vikings. That’s right, Vikings vs. Aliens!

A Thrill-Packed Tale of Earth’s First Invaders!

And with that, we have reached 500 posts. Not bad for the first month. I hope to see all two of you here when we reach 1000!

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The Man From Saturn

Amazing Stories, June-July 1953

It’s hard to find a good woman. They don’t grow on trees, you know. Oh, wait…
This entire issue can be downloaded here

Rodent Mutation


“Civilization staggered under the onslaught of the radio-active giants”

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The Genius-Beasts


“How smart can these beasts be?”

“They can create hot women in vats.”


Giant Killer


Also, Gravity vs Space Flight