The Etruscan

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Warrior and lover, sage and pirate — he defied both gods and men

From the back:

I was a man of mystery. Sardis knew me as a soldier. To the Greek pirates I was a clever comrade-in-arms. But all knew I had dared to abduct Arsinoe, the wanton priestess of Eryx.
And it was then that my troubles began. Bewitched by her beauty and whims, I followed Arsinoe to whatever lands promised her wealth and luxury.
When she fell in love with a Roman leader, I was forced to flee to the mysterious cities of Etruria. And there I found a destiny beyond my wildest expectations and powers, even when I had led armies, defied the gods and challenged the strength of mighty Persia.
There I found myself!

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The Private Life of Julius Caesar (Original Title: Venus With Us)

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Roman splendors, far-flung conquests, voluptuous spectacles and cruel debauches… And sensuous women from many lands in the arms of the fabulous Julius!

By William Marston, better known as the creator of Wonder Woman

From the back:

Here is the whole bold panorama of Roman times—the debauchery, the wars, the barbaric revels and cruelties, the old pagan rites on the altar of Venus. Here also is the piquant personal history of the young Julius Caesar, greatest swordsman and statesman of his day and probably the greatest lover! From Egypt to England, from Greece to Gaul, he came, he saw, he conquered. But slave girl and vestal virgin, courtesan and queen, each in turn conquered Caesar!