A Little Intelligence

Future Science Fiction October 1958

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Spicy Stories, October 1933

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Spicy Stories October 1933
Spicy Stories Magazine October 1933
Spicy Stories Oct. 1933
Spicy Stories 1933-10-04-5
Spicy Stories 1933-10-07
Spicy Stories 1933-10-09
Spicy Stories 1933-10-15
Spicy Stories 1933-10-48
Spicy Stories 1933-10-50

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Women on Wheels

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Beacon Books B719X 1964

If you’ve ever wondered about those roller-skating beauties, wonder no more. Here is a blast of a book that tells absolutely all! It will nail you to your chair from the first to the last page…
The colorful world of the roller relay, where hard men and thrill-seeking girls compete for fame, fortune — and each other!

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Wantons On Wheels

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Candid Reader CA967 1969

She learned about lust in the roller game!

From the back:

Vivian was the new girl on the roller derby team. Fresh from the country, she hungered for the excitement only the big city could offer. And she found it — on the track, and in the bed of almost every member of the team.

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Naked on Roller Skates

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Diversey #2 - 1949 thumbnail
Diversey #2 - 1949

An Unscrupulous Rake — An All-Wise Young Lady — An Unexpected Love Affair

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