A Woman’s Woman

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Sandra Tried To Love Men… But Couldn’t Resist Their Women!

Lesbian Love: Can it ever be condoned? Here is a powerful novel which intimately relates the other side of the story!

From the back:

She let men make love to her… so she could seduce their women…

In the dark reaches of the night, even as men turned their volcanic passions toward her, Sandy longed to hold a woman in her own arms. Tortured by unnatural, twisted appetites, aware and afraid that she was “different”, she tried desperately to lose herself in affair after affair, hoping to find the one man who might give her a chance for normal love.
At first she thought it might be David, but she could not control her ungovernable craving for Kathy, his wife, and their lives formed a sordid triangle. Unable to pull herself out of the lower depths into which she was sinking, recognizing that her needs deviated, Sandy finally faced the incontestable fast of her nonconformity, and took up with Adrian, her own kind of woman. But even this relationship was not enough… SHE HAD TO HAVE MORE!
A Bold, Engrossing Novel Of A Woman Whose Passions Could Allow Her To Love Only A Woman!
Can Society Continue To Turn Its Back On These People Beyond The Pale?

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The Husband Who Couldn’t Kick His Wife’s Lover Out Of The Attic!

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Also featuring Have You Ever Seen A Sexy Fat Girl? and How One Million Russians Deserted The Army!


Marauders’ Moon (Original Title: Silver Horn Breaks)


A blazing story of night riders… and a man who wouldn’t run

This book was later reprinted with a Robert McGinnis cover



The Joys She Chose


A vivid and touching novel of a career woman who went to far too fast


The Unknown Quantity

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A killer shared the secret of her strange marriage

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Cruise Of The Plywood Coffin

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How Sam Brownley Smashed Florida’s Dope-and-Flesh Smuggling Fleet

Also featuring: The A.W.O.L Who Was King Of Harem Island; Find The White Queen Of The Jap Guerrillas; and Canada’s Night To Remember: Ordeal Of The SS Noronic


Raid Of The Jivaro Headhunters

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Also featuring The 16 Wives Of Ben The Hermit and Slaughter Street: A Story Of Mobsters, Molls And Murder

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I Escaped From The Head-Hungry Jivaros / I Hunted Heads

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Also featuring White Queen Who Ruled A Canibal Island (The Incredible Story That Shocked The World), I Went On India’s Forbidden Rhino Hunt, and City of Harems


The Nude Who Did

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Luscious Llona’s motto is still “Make love, not war!”

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The Sailcoth Shroud

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Of the three who sailed the Topaz, only one was still alive


The Corrupter

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His Friendship Was A Delusion — His Love A Trap

From the back:

Run Into Trouble

Within exciting Nora Black were all the necessary ingredients for an explosion. All that was missing was the fuse, the detonator. Jay Carson supplied that lack.

Nora’s brother, Robin, had it in him to be a great football player, until Jay showed him that there were other games to be played — just as physical but less dangerous.

Rita Bell had always been true to her husband, until Jay made sin more attractive than loyalty.

 That was Jay Carson, who thrived on trouble — other people’s — and thought the world owed him permanent possession of the brass ring. Until he discovered that with the corruption of each victim, he destroyed a part of himself.


The Day Khrushchev Panicked


As Exciting As Fail-Safe

Is this frightening novel merely another suspense thriller — or is it the terrifying truth disguised as fiction? The few who know will not — or cannot — talk