Liberate The GI Nurses… Sex Slaves Of The Japs!

Cavalcade October 1961

Operation Rescue Rape

Also featuring If You Like Oversized Busts You’re A Mama’s Boy!, Mr. Mudgett’s House Of Lost Women!, Castro’s Commie Plot To Take Over Latin America, A Call-Girl Tells About Sex In A Nudist Camp, You Can Win A Million Gambling In Penny Stocks, Stuka Pilot!, and The Beautiful Mankillers Of Eromonga


My Fists Drew Blood When I Caught Him With My Faithless Jungle Woman!

Man's Cavalcade (Jan., 1958). Cover Art by Howell Dodd

Also featuring A Bartender’s Guide To Blondes: “I Served Sex On The Rocks!” and Blood Dance Of The Oriental Virgin!


Nazi Payoff For Mass Murder… Free Love and Liquor for Sgt. Beck

45099959-Nazi_Standoff,_Cavalcade_magazine_cover,_November_1959 thumbnail
45099957-Cavalcade_magazine_cover,_November_1959 thumbnail

Also featuring The Solid Gold Outhouse


The Husband Who Couldn’t Kick His Wife’s Lover Out Of The Attic!

35924783-Pirate_Raid,_Cavalcade_magazine_cover,_April_1960 thumbnail
35924782-Cavalcade_magazine_cover,_April_1960 thumbnail

Also featuring Have You Ever Seen A Sexy Fat Girl? and How One Million Russians Deserted The Army!


To Hell With Posses, Courts, and the Law!


Also, ‘The Devil Pilot’s Jinx Crew’ and ‘How Do You Stack Up Sexually?’