Monsters That Once Were Men

Super-Science Fiction, August 1959

Also, The Horror in the Attic and Planet of the Angry Giants


Little America On The Moon

Super-Science Fiction June 1948 thumbnail
Super-Science Fiction 1958-06 003 thumbnail
Super-Science Fiction 1958-06 075 thumbnail
Super-Science Fiction 1958-06 087 thumbnail
Super-Science Fiction 1958-06 105 thumbnail
Super-Science Fiction June 1948
Super-Science Fiction 1958-06 003
Super-Science Fiction 1958-06 075
Super-Science Fiction 1958-06 087
Super-Science Fiction 1958-06 105

This entire issue can be downloaded here


The Gentle Vultures

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Super Science Fiction December 1957
super - 0003
super - 0023
super - 0035
super - 0069
super - 0081

This entire issue can be downloaded here


Death’s Planet

Super-Science Fiction October 1957

Also, A Time For Revenge and The Childless Ones


Worlds Of Origin

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Ed “Emsh” Emshwiller’s illustration for Jack Vance’s Worlds of Origin. Cover by Frank Kelly Freas

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Horror In Space


It is a well known fact that you can’t wear underwear and expect to properly fit into an alien costume.

Also featuring A Place Beyond The Stars, Waters Of Forgetfulness, and Beware The Robot!