My Lover, My Neighbor

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They kicked off the party by making their wives undress!
Suburbia’s Notorious “Swapping Game” Exposed In A Blistering Novel


Motel Marriage

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She Was Just Another Pawn In The Wife-Swapping Game!
The red-headed divorcée “blacked out” — and woke up married to a man she didn’t even know!

A Fast-Moving Novel That Probes The Problem Of The “Quickie” Marriage

This entire book can be downloaded here

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The National Exchange Of Wife-Swapping


Also, The Town Where Girls Go Naked, Castro Had Me Marked For Murder, and You Are Marked For Blackmail



They were young married couples — bored with each other, ripe for kicks and willing to try just about anything…


The Strangest Marriage

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Her husband forced her into an incredible affair!

From the back:

What drama was she forced to act out to satisfy the demands of her husband?

Julia C., attractive, desirable, mid-20’s, married to wealthy yachtsman; no prior record of emotional disturbance, but admits shock and disappointment at husband’s marital demands. Feels herself slipping into a taboo netherworld. Can a strong man still help this sensual woman remain on the path of normalcy?

Jeffery C., businessman-playboy type, severe maternal fixations. Can this neurotic man ever achieve normal relations with his wife… or any woman?

Mackie H., beautiful redhead, 20, illegitimate daughter of waterfront saloon keeper but cautious about men since attempted rape. What happens when this inexperienced girl from the slums is drawn into the sophisticated improprieties of the wealthy yacht set?

A hard, long look at the psychological disturbances behind the strange behavior of some of our wealthier citizens — and their women!

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The Invitation


“Come on over tonight,” said the boss, “and bring your wife!”

An astonishing novel about suburbia’s inner circle, and their favorite party game


The Wife Traders (1959)


Sex in the suburbs was a community affair… until swapping mates becomes a matter of love — or death!

Not the same as this book of the same title.


The Wife Sharers

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Beacon 612F 1963

They Agreed To Trade Wives

Love Thy Neighbor, the good book says — but these jaded suburbanites turned a moral precept into a lustful excuse for spouse-swapping!

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The Sexecutives


The Mark Of Their Success Was The Key To The Right Apartment

These High-Powered Executives Had Tried Everything For Kicks. Now They Went On A New One… Wife-Trading

This artwork was retouched and used for the lesbian title The Lash.


The Marriage Cage


The ribald, hilarious novel of a young husband who wanted to change partners in the game of love…


The Swap Set

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Beacon Books #B622F, 1962

Her Husband Pushed Her Into Infidelity!

Brad Meredith looked at his wife… and thought of the other man. “Why don’t you have an affair with him?” he asked suddenly. “It might do you good.”

From the back:

A Loyal Wife Becomes An Adulterous Wife — By Special Request Of Her Husband!

Lovely Gwen Meredith resented the ill-concealed affairs of her husband, Brad. After all, what young and passionate wife wouldn’t?
So when he suggested that she too “play around,” she looked for a likely candidate — and she didn’t have to look far because manly bachelor Mike Guthrie was already panting to take up where Brad left off…
Mike’s fight to hold Gwen begins when her pre-marital past appears, eager to reclaim her favors. Millionaire Eric Barron, once of the international jet set, says he was there first — and neither Brad nor Mike have any rights.
Gwen tries to call a halt to everything… but finds herself only at the beginning of a frenzy of surrender to her unleashed physical instincts…

What Happens When A Husband Suddenly Loosens The Reins On His Wife? An Engrossing Novel Of Mutual Marital Infidelity!


Love Thy Neighbor’s

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Candid Reader CA1017 1970

They did unto others. Oh, did they ever!

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All Together Now


The wild climax of the pleasure cruise was a reckless game of switch-partners!


Weekend Swappers

After Hours AH155 1967

Pro Tip: Never let the wife’s lesbian lover drive the ski boat.