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Weekend by Jay Carr, 1961
Weekend by Jay Carr, 1961 Back

A Business Deal — Or A Wife Swap?
Want to get ahead in the Organization? Bring your wife to the boss’s country place for a weekend — and watch her pay for your success…

From the back

Your Wife Can Be Had…

That’s your passport to fame and success, Eddie Magowan. For you’ve just been invited to spend the weekend with your millionaire boss – but don’t forget to bring your beautiful wife, Jennie! How much is that promotion worth to you, Magowan?
Will you throw away your manhood, your wife’s love … will you stand by and watch while a wealthy degenerate enjoys the pleasures of her body? Make up your mind now, Magowan, because you’ll never get — another chance like this:
A life of wealth and power — for sixty
minutes of your wife’s shame!

A Novel Of Men Who Trade Power For Sex… And Women Who Give Themselves For Their Husband’s Success!


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