Taken For A Slay Ride

38297062-10-Story_Detective_pulp_cover,_July_1942Jan_1943 thumbnail
10 Story Detective July 1942 thumbnail
38297057-10-Story_Detective_pulp_cover_July_1942 thumbnail
38297055-10-Story_Detective_pulp_cover_Jan_1943 thumbnail
Canadian 10 Story Detective - January, 1943 thumbnail
10 Story Detective July 1942
Canadian 10 Story Detective - January, 1943

This entire issue can be downloaded here


3 thoughts on “Taken For A Slay Ride”

  1. Dear Friend,
    John also did Western Pulp Magazines covers for Western Trails Magazine , I have 2 of them in my Collection, He was a very
    talented person in more ways than just his paintings. I do appreciate you making his painting available to other to enjoy. Thank you so much , Jimmy B.

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