The Blonde (3rd Edition)

Midwood 33-856 1967

Peggy wanted
to marry and lead a normal life, but a voice that she head since childhood
kept saying, “Never trust a man. Men will hurt you.”

Rare 3rd edition of this book, also with a Rader cover.

From the back:

”I love you very much, Peggy. I won’t treat you the way Bulldog did.”
Peggy closed her eyes, remembering that hideous night with the  football star,, Bulldog —  remembering the pain, the cruelty, the humiliation.
”I love you,” the husky voice continued. ”I don’t want to hurt you. I’d be gentle, tender and loving. Let me show you how beautiful love can be.”
Peggy could see concern in her companion’s face. There was understanding there, warmth and sympathy. ”Yes, Lois,” she breathed. ”Yes, show me your kind of love.”


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