The Easy Way

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Midwood 32-421 1964

Maybe it was time to play follow the leader and date one of her roommate’s strange, but obviously generous female friends?

From the back:

No Men Allowed
It was a private club with a very select clientele. The membership consisted of wealthy society matrons and the staff, beautiful young girls with highly specialized skills and a taste for luxury.
RHODA… the madam, who started out as the master but ended up a helpless love-slave.
DORIAN… who wanted to be boss and who clinched the deal in a bubble-bath.
OPAL… the eager and avid matron with a penchant for mirrors and hot-eyed brunettes.
UNDINE… the performer, who didn’t mind what she did as long as she had an audience… 
MELANIE… the student, who experimented too often and found she couldn’t break the habit…
A Startling Exposé Of Girls Who Cater To The Specialized Needs Of Older Women On A Cash-and-Carry Basis.

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