5 thoughts on “The Gallows Gal Of Gunfire Rim”

  1. Your suspicion is correct. You have the November 1943 issue which according to David Saunders’ Allen Anderson Checklist is one of his Lariat covers.

  2. Rats. I was hoping the Via link was to a download when it opened to the Internet Archive. I love the title “The Gallows Gal Of Gunfire Rim.”

    They just don’t write stories with titles like that now.
    Thank you for the link to the artwork. It will have to do for now.

  3. I suspected the same, too, but not knowing much yet about all these artists, I kept my mouth shut. All I would have been able to say was, “This painting reminds of that one artist, whatshisname, who puts his cowgirl ladies in this same pose.”

  4. It is the same pose I get into when I go to my local Gun Range on the weekends. It is remarkably comfortable, particularly in calfskin boots.

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