The Girls In 3-B

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From the back:

THEY CAME TO THE CITY fascinated, frightened — hungering after life with that desperate, headlong impatience of the very young…
THERE WAS ANNICE… Bright, curious, full of untried passion, she let Alan drag her into his beat-generation world of parties, jazz, booze, marijuana and sex.
AND PAT… She was big and blonde and built for love, but she was saving herself for marriage. Until she met her boss. Right from the beginning Pat knew she’d do anything for him-anything.
AND BARBY… She was the most vulnerable. Men terrified her and for a good reason. When she finally fell in love it was with a woman.
THE GIRLS IN 3-B — a vivid and searching novel of young girls on the brink of womanhood, caught up in the cruel and tantalizing currents of big-city life.

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