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  1. (I thought I had already commented on this cover, but it’s not here, so I guess I must have neglected to hit the Post Comment button. So I’ll try again.)

    When I first came across this cover, I was blown away by the beauty of the female character, who was painted smoking hot (and the artist even added smoke to the image as if to nail home the point), and I very much wanted to know who did the piece but I was disappointed to see that the artist was unknown and the artist’s signature (found in the lower right hand of the cover) was too blurry to read.

    Fast-forward to today, however, having now familiarized myself with the art and signature of Emery Clarke, and I now see that he is the one who did this cover.

    Looking at the signature, despite its blurriness, you can see that there are 5 letters in the first name (just as there are 5 letters in the name Emery) and it very clearly ends in a -y- (just as Emery ends in a -y-). The second name, also despite its blurriness, very clearly begins with a capital -C- (just as Clarke begins with a capital -C-) and the two letters that follow the -C- appear to be a capital -L- and a capital -A-. Emery Clarke signed his name in all CAPS, except for the -y-, like this: EMERy CLARKE. A simple side-by-side comparison to other works of art that carry his signature shows that the signature on this piece is his. For example:


    Additionally, the Doc Savage character of this piece matches the artistic style and build of the Doc Savage character of Clarke’s other works. For example, there’s this excellent cover with also carries his signature:


      1. Well, whaddya know? I got it right! (Good thing, too. I was already telling people it was a Clarke piece.)

        Are you gonna tag it Clarke?

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